When You Learn to Love What You Have

I combine 4 unfortunate factors:

  • Is an HGTV Addict
  • Has an impeccably organized mother
  • Is lazy and doesn’t really know how to care for a house versus a small studio apartment
  • Has a husband who cannot see that you wipe the dog hair off the stove BEFORE YOU  COOK.


We moved into our house in Michigan in May, 2014.  The VERY first thing I did was walk through and make a list of everything I wanted to change.

(Please be charitable and realize this was MY. FIRST. HOUSE.; I’d only ever had apartments or moved into my spouse’s well established house once I flew the parental nest).

My list included (but was not limited to; provide me some ability to save face):


3.5 years later, we have invested significantly in home improvements, but I’ll let you guess:

  • We still have one wooden toilet seat, because we barely use that bathroom.  The other we replaced because the whole toilet broke and we went with an all-porcelain look.
  • Our handful of brass fixtures are still brass, and while I merely tolerate some, I’m coming to love the industrial style light in our master bathroom
  • We have removed wallpaper in exactly one room of the entire house, the master bath.

We still have carpets  (Boo, and stained to shit, unfortunately, due to eldery dogs and cats);  I’m still trying to convince my husband that the original 1920s wood chair rails would look SO much better stained white; our white wooden shingles definitely need repainting; but  I learned that I LOVE. OUR. HOUSE.

This house is not for anyone but me, my husband, and our pets.  And it works for us.

I spent last night touring the house and marvelling at how much I loved it all.  Including the dancing bear wallpaper in the downstairs bathroom.

It’s messy.  It’s not perfect.  But it’s us, and I love it.


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