On Mirrors

Some of us avoid mirrors at any cost; some stop and gaze in any reflective surface.  Most of us are somewhere in between, but unfortunately, the concept of “mirrors” and “mirroring” does not stop at specially treated glass.

Being social creatures, it is not unusual for us humans to pick up on similar traits and others and create opinions and judgments based on these, often subconsciously.  Self-conscious about your height?  No wonder you happen to find all your tall acquaintances boors.  Terrified your manners aren’t up to par?  No surprise you’d eschew the more informal amidst your social set.

What lies at the heart of these impulses is that, no matter how self-critical we may be, it’s not nice to see something you perceive as a huge flaw about yourself.  That built-in buffer, however, not only creates artificial barriers between ourselves and others, but prevents us from addressing what are most likely overblown perceptions of our own flaws.

Crap, that dude is a MONSTER!

What do you see when you look in the mirror?  What do you see about yourself when you look at others?

These questions are not easy to answer, or even, at times, ask, but practice and reflection can lead to insight which hopefully prompts a kinder view towards ourselves and others.


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