Band-Aids vs. Changes

“I need to lose some weight.  I’m going to eat nothing but salad until the party.”
“I’d like to get healthier, make lifestyle changes, and lose some weight.”

At face value, it may seem unfair to compare these two statements, since they clearly come from different places and are oriented toward different goals.

However, long-term states of being like nutritional health, physical fitness, spending habits and daily routines are often subjected to short term “quick fixes:” cutting out the lattes to buy a new dress;  working out like mad for a month to prep for bathing suit season;  waking up early for a week to finish a project.

Don’t eat for a week and VOILA!  The perfect life!

There is nothing wrong, per se, with using short-term measures in these areas for short-term goals.  However, do consider that looking at both short and longer-term ways to improve our daily lives can pay off.

Starving yourself for a week is not sustainable, but can help you slip into that dress for Saturday; but adding to the mix a more subtle, sustainablechange in eating habits can serve you for many months to come.


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