Give and Take

Self Care Week:  This week’s posts focus on taking care of your mental and physical health, your boundaries, and your sanity.

“I need to hang out with friends.”
“I need to get out of the house.”
“I need a girl’s night.”

Socializing and connecting with others is a basic human need.  However, especially for those of us who may be more shy or introverted, trying to get necessary contact with others may feel like you’re asking someone for a favor:  “I need a night out with a friend — please please please?”

It seems fair to assume your friends generally enjoy your company — and guess what?  They get a lot out of socializing with you, too!

Hey, you!  Just what I needed!

Self-care is not necessarily self-indulgent, or draining of others — a night out with the girls may be just what everyone present needs.

In the quest to get your needs met, try not to feel like asking for what you want is automatically draining or parasitic.  Your pals often need you just as much as you need them.


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