Let Me Help You, and You, and You…

Self Care Week:  This week’s posts focus on taking care of your mental and physical health, your boundaries, and your sanity.

Helping others, whether via volunteering, charity work, and helping out friends and family, is not only a wonderful way to give to those in need, but can be a great confidence booster.

However, sometimes one can fall into a trap of helping out almost compulsively — giving to others any time asked, and even when aid isn’t requested.  Not only can this stretch us too thin, but it prompts the question, “why so driven to dole yourself out?”


Being charitable is an admirable trait, but sometimes focusing our energies on others is a convenient way to ignore or neglect ourselves.  Whether avoiding issues and problems in our own lives, or simply de-prioritizing self care, putting all our attention on those around us is a sneaky way our subconscious can stop us from taking care of ourselves.

Balance is critical — if you enjoy helping others and can, by all means, do!  But ask yourself — am I avoiding something?  Why am I so driven to take this on — because somebody needs me, or because I want to avoid facing my own needs?


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