Don’t Fret About What You Can’t Control

Life is full of stress – deadlines, chores, projects – but some of the most frustrating issues that gnaw at us are worries based on something totally out of our control.

From worrying about the weather (“If it rains during the beach trip I’ll DIE!”) to the more serious issues like health or finances, there is something particularly torturous about lying awake at night obsessing over something you have no control over.

If they discontinue my hair product line…well, I can’t go on.

What can you do?  Determine if there is something you can do about the situation and focus on that (e.g. have a backup plan if that house sale doesn’t go through), talk to others, try to figure out helpful responses you can have to situations that may be unfortunate.

Can you control if a loved one gets sick?  Unless you poisoned him, no.  Can you be supportive if the worst does happen? Absolutely.  Focusing on what you can do versus “what if” will be more helpful for others and less agonizing for you.


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