A Minute Investment

Daily life is filled with incredibly minor annoyances — your computer’s default brightness is awful, or the chime on your alarm is ghastly, or your credit card is scuffed up enough you often have to swipe it a couple of times.

On the balance no big deal, right?

Of course, the little hiccups in daily life are nothing to get into a tizzy over, but many of them can be corrected with a little bit of effort.  Reprogramming your phone or computer settings, for example, is something that undoubtedly takes longer than just cancelling out that long-expired 3:30 pm meeting that turns up every day.

If my phone BARKS at me one more time at 6 am, I’m going to . . . cancel it out as soon as I can.  Meh.

However, when you add up the aggregate amount of time you spend mildly annoyed and cancelling out an appointment over a week, month, or year, isn’t the 2 minutes required to fix the problem permanently worth it?

So go ahead and replace that light bulb that has been flickery and weird for a few minutes every time you turn it on — do you really deserve or need more stress and annoyance in your life?


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