Muse While Your Muse Is Musing

You’ve unexpectedly gotten totally wrapped up in a task, art project or new endeavor.  You could happily write legal briefs for hours or paint another 4 paintings.

Then you look at the clock and — it’s time to head home, or time for dinner, or it’s been 5 hours since you last went to the bathroom.  Time to stop, right?

I am frantically inspired!

The scattered tears of inspiration we all experience from time to time are something to be savored, however — if you could happily toil away another 5 hours and won’t compromise anything else by doing so, then why not?  That’s one less job or chore, or more productivity or results to show for your time tomorrow.

Plus, these little breaks of hyper-focus balance out those moments when we couldn’t write down our own address with a gun to our heads.

Enjoy the muse when you can!


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