Shamelessly Enjoy Yourself

Have you ever stifled yourself from singing along to a favorite song on the car radio because you’re embarrassed other drivers will think you’re stupid?  Avoided a silly urge to dance around the kitchen because your friends may find it ridiculous?

Certainly, doing a jig during a tax audit is ill-advised, but provided the circumstances are appropriate, try not to let fears of shame or embarrassment prevent you from engaging in silly, harmless activities.

I am the baddest dancer in this subdivision!

You may experience some gentle ribbing while you serenade the room with your spatula-microphone, but nobody whose opinion important will truly find you objectionable if it’s all in the spirit of good-natured fun.

Sure, that guy in the Honda may roll his eyes at you, but even if you do ever see him again, you’ll probably be in a better mood than he is anyway.

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