It’s Not All Fate

You’ve had a project with him 5 times in a row – surely that MEANS something?

And it’s simply not possible that you see the SAME neighbor at the SAME store every Tuesday night … unless he means to kill you.

However, humans are very prone to creating patterns, which is not surprising given how complex our world is.  However, sometimes we fall prone to see patterns where they don’t exist, or are simply coincidences –explained in an excellent article in PsychologyToday .

Every 17th green thing I eat causes me to get gassy!

This phenomenon is interesting, and often benign and amusing (like seeing a potato chip you’d swear is shaped like Richard Nixon’s head) to irritating or even emotionally dangerous, perhaps making one feel hopeless or cursed when the crap keeps coming.

It can be fun to pick out shapes in clouds, but turn the mind down when you really think the world is out to get you.


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