You’re Pretty You

Let’s face it — someone is always going to have something negative or rude to say about your appearance or life choices.

And while not all unsolicited feedback should automatically be discounted, it does need to be taken at face value.

What does that person have to gain or lose in seeing you alter whatever it is they’re picking on?  If it’s something of genuine benefit to you, or to their relationship to you (e.g. “I’ve noticed you look incredibly sleep deprived and I’m worried about you”), then that is something to take into account.

Take that versus the more petty criticisms (“Didn’t you get the memo that women look better with long hair?”) which can go in one ear and out the other.

I enjoy being pointy, thanks!

Learning to filter this feedback and understand that you are you is essential, and the ultimate goal is to realize that if you’re doing what’s best for you, then rock on and forget any unnecessary noise.


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