Turn Down the Noise

We all have different housekeeping styles — some of us are messy and feel more at home with a little disorder, others may be unnerved by a crooked rug or messy throw blanket.

No matter whether you’re more comfortable with a bit of chaos or you keep everything perfectly organized, accumulations of daily life are almost inevitable: a pile of mail, the day’s coffee mugs and drinking glasses, pillows and blankets strewn in the course of reading or TV watching.

Dishes in the dishwasher…catalogs in the trash…

Giving yourself 5-10 minutes at  the end, or the beginning, of the day to quickly tackle these easy-to-handle spots of clutter can go a long way in creating a more serene environment for you.

Setting a brief time limit keeps the clean up detail from feeling daunting, and keeps you focused on the most obvious, disruptive clutter.  Even if you prefer a bit of disorder in your environment, dirty dishes and sale flyers don’t create the most zen-like setting.

Better to invest a couple minutes a day than realize you managed to accumulate more dirty mugs than the dishwasher can hold come Saturday.


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