Jump with Both Feet (And a Bungee Cord)

Proverbs and expressions abound surrounding the topic of making major decisions and comittments: better to regret what you have done than what you haven’t; better to have loved and lost; etc.

The ultra-cautious life may feel stifling, and most of us will suddenly get an urge to make a major decision or change with little to no preparation or warning.  Sometimes the impulse passes within hours, and sometimes we’re suddenly on the phone, booking that one-way ticket to Mumbai.

Taking risks is an important part of life and maturation, but when your brain is screaming at you to just do it!, use the resources you have as a safety net.

I’m going panther hunting to find myself!

You may want to reinvent yourself, but you’re essentially the same human being you were yesterday, and your closest friends and most trusted companions are essential in determining the line between insane and daring.

There is, after all, a difference between someone raising an eyebrow when they hear about your new plan versus tackling you to the floor and calling for four-point restraints.


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