Have a Sounding Board

Most of us are more or less rational beings capable of seeing, hearing and interpreting things around us in a fairly sane way–but everyone is prone to distorting and misinterpreting signals, particularly around sensitive issues or during periods of heavy stress.

This is a difficult issue to overcome because we are typically unaware that our perceptions are distorted — once the twisted thoughts hit our minds, it’s very hard to realize what we think is not necessarily what is.

This is why it is very important to test our perceptions — talk things over with friends, family, co-workers.  Ask questions, even if they seem stupid.  Do research, evaluate the facts, make sure that distorted thoughts don’t take root and become a basis for poor decisions and negative reactions.


Seems a bit off to me.

Exposing our perceptions of the world to as much external feedback as possible is a helpful way to make sure we’re tuned in to the world.


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