The Lessons of Disaster

They happen to all of us, some enormous, some relatively minor.  But we’ve all experienced a major setback or tragedy that seems to just completely derail the train.

But since bad things are bound to happen, it’s more effective to try to gain whatever good we can from such setbacks.

There is, of course, the well-known fact that we suddenly seem to appreciate all that we do have after a major loss.

In addition, you may gain an even more basic appreciation for what resilient creatures we are.  Even when the world seems bleaker than a postapocalyptic film and the effort of lying under the bed covers and breathing seems like too much to bear, you are still lying there breathing.  

You are surviving, maybe not optimally, but somehow.


Okay, got all four limbs.  Doing good.

And one day you’ll most likely get up again, and probably be at full speed in due time.  And our ability to recover is really something to marvel at.


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