The Longer You Hide, the Bigger the Monsters Get

Hiding from or just generally ignoring problems and unpleasant situations is a pretty natural human reaction.  Bill past due?  Dump it in the mail pile for later.  Need to talk to your boss about a problem?  Maybe tomorrow he’ll be in a better mood.
But that problem doesn’t go away no matter how much Wii you play.  It will fester, and rot, and start to seem into unrelated thoughts and emotions.

When faced with something you don’t want to face you’ve got to ask yourself: “is there anything I can do about this now?”  The answer has got to be unfiltered reality:  if it’s really Saturday at 8pm and you can’t call the bank, fine.  If you can’t talk to a coworker cos you’re nervous, that fails the reality test of “cannot.”


LALALA I can’tsee you!

If the answer is no? File it away.  If the answer is yes, do at least one little thing and take some air out of that monster’s sails.

You’ll feel much better after having dusted under the bed to clear out those trolls.


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