The Downfall of Civilization

When we care about and respect a person, particularly a family member or long-term friend, it’s easy to assume that the affinity translates into a similar world view.

Then comes election season and you’re shocked at how stupid your own cousin could be by supporting candidate X, or oh my god he really supports proposal Y?

The old adage that polite society steers clear of discussing politics and religion is a good one to remember, from a practical stance, as our society and social interactions become more open.

There’s no need to become bullheaded about old-school manners, but just think about how much easier your life might be without certain discussions with certain people.  Ahh, peace.



Enjoy highly charged debates with the friends and family who can handle it, but remember that not everyone views the world the same as you, and a lot of grief can be saved by simply raising your eyebrows and moving on from time to time.

With those we care for, it’s not about being right, it’s about enjoying each other’s company.


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