Oh, No Wonder!

When flooded with emotion, particularly negative emotion, many of us feel the impulse to “fix it” — stuff it down, distract yourself, make it go away somehow.

The reaction of “fixing” the emotion, however, implies that the emotion is somehow wrong in and of itself, and perhaps even that we are somehow in the wrong for feeling such emotions.

Emotions — good or bad — don’t need to be “fixed.”  They are natural reactions to our thoughts, behaviors, and surroundings.

Instead try asking yourself “why am I so [nervous/angry/sad/etc.]?” A big deadline coming up?  Finances been stressing you out for months?  Just been through a breakup?


Ohhhhhhhh….. I see….

Even if the thing triggering your emotion is scary or something you can’t fix right away, validating your feelings goes a long way towards acceptance.

When we accept our feelings, they seem more manageable and less daunting.  So give yourself the right to be scared by scary things.


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