You Can’t Be Your Own Best Friend

Humans are social creatures — even those of us who are shy and socially anxious benefit tremendously from human contact.

Not that working from home, living alone, or living a life of relative solitude is a bad thing — some of us are naturally more reserved.

However, if days can go by without meaningful human contact, almost everyone will start to feel negative effects — the more isolated we are, the more alienated we feel, because we are processing the evidence around us that we are indeed alone – a snowball effect. Studies even suggest that isolation itself can lead to increased aggression, fear and anxiety.

This doesn’t mean loners need to become the life of the party — subtle interactions like eye contact and expression recognition can help us feel connected to our fellow man.

It’s a pretty full planet — connecting in even a fleeting way with a couple of other inhabitants each day can be a huge mood booster.

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