Holiday Draaaah-mah

During the holidays, the pressures of normal life are spiced up by a boatload of real and imaginary obligations — gifts, parties, family visits, cloying music…

cata hols


I actually love the holidays and I’m not sure why, since it’s entirely out of character for me to get into “the spirit” of anything.  Maybe it’s the gifts.

Still, it’s not really all that surprising that the top 5 worst moments I’ve had with loved ones have been during the Thanksgiving – New Year’s corridor.  We’re all incredibly stressed and feeling incredibly obligated to be merry, give the perfect gift, and demonstrate our love as if the rest of the year suddenly no longer counts.

The weird thing about brain-perverting social pressures, though, is that once you’re aware of them they’re often not so bad.  Sure I’ve been called all sorts of names for explaining “you’re just picking a fight with me because you feel undue pressure to put on a perfect holiday dinner, which is impossible” but at least that knowledge helps me take things a little less personally.

And I can’t say enough about the value of getting away for a few — 10 minutes in a guest room alone with a Kindle or an iPad can literally save Christmas.  Where do you think I’m posting from?


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